Why the Adventure of an Introvert?

Introvert? Extrovert? Somewhere in between? It can be so easy to put ourselves in one of these boxes. While others don’t believe that these personality traits exist. I am not here to debate that and I am far from an expert on the issue.

In my case I do believe they are personality traits, but that doesn’t mean we are always one or the other, just that one seems more dominant most of the time. In my case I would say I am definitely an introvert, whereas my husband is an extrovert. We’re almost on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Funny how that happens.

Now when I say I am introvert I mean I find crowds and lots of people overwhelming, I find it hard and uncomfortable to make new friends, new or unfamiliar situations can make me anxious, and I can be a bit of a home body.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I actually really enjoy spending time with people but I am more quality of quantity. And while I enjoy getting out and about, I find it draining, not energizing like extroverts.

So don’t think I never want to talk to anyone or I have a fear of people, because that’s not the case. Us introverts just need downtime to recharge, quality relationships to feel connected and a bit of patience when we need to get things done.

The adventure side of things is far more simple. We have moved from all we’ve known in Australia (Melbourne) to the ahhh sunny shores of England, UK. 🙂

My husband has always wanted to live in England for a short period every since he did the same as a child with his parents. The opportunity came up and we couldn’t resist the ‘adventure’. Hence the Adventures of an Introvert.

I hope that clears that up and it makes a bit more sense now! Let the adventure begin.


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